LANY, Julia Michaels air their heartache on “Okay”

A sad, summer-ready bop.

LANY have just released “Okay,” the alt-pop trio’s first-ever collaboration with rising pop artist Julia Michaels.

The song, which coasts on light synths and a percussive beat, tells a story of a couple that’s slowly but surely drifting apart. “I’m gonna be okay, right?” they ask on the chorus, capturing that mix of uncertainty and hope you feel after a break-up.

The song was born out of a conversation LANY frontman Paul Jason Klein had with Michaels about heartbreak, he told MTV News.


“She talked to me about some guy she had a crush on and I was like, ‘I just can’t even look at girls right now,’ because I still loved this girl that totally wrecked me,” Klein shared. “At the end of my whole two-hour spiel, I think I said to her, ‘I’m gonna be okay, right?’ And she’s like, ‘Write that right now.’”

Michaels reflected on their creative chemistry: “I really cherish people that have honest perspectives and want to write from a very conversational standpoint and write something very specific about their lives. When we wrote together for the first time, it was like that right off the bat.”

Listen to “Okay” here:


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