LANY drop dramatic video for “Thru these Tears”

Frontman Paul Jason Klein experiences the afterlife.

Is it possible to die from a broken heart? Well, according to LANY’s video for their latest single, “Thru these Tears,” you, err, can.

The clip opens dramatically with frontman Paul Jason Klein being rushed into the ER. The doctors try to save the singer, but it’s evidently too late. The heart monitor goes flat.

Klein then abruptly wakes up in a separate dimension—and it looks, literally, like hell. His surroundings are washed in red light and flashes of flaming mannequins appear. Klein suits up and walks towards a tombstone that reads “100 sleepless nights.” He leaves a rose at the grave and soon regains consciousness in ‘real’ life.


“In the end I’m gonna be alright / But it might take a hundred sleepless nights / To make the memories of you disappear,” he sings as he walks out of the hospital unscathed. Think of it as the rebirth of Paul Klein.

Watch it below:

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