Kim Petras drops her debut album, ‘Clarity’

Summer bops galore.

Kim Petras has released Clarity, her debut LP and follow-up to last year’s Turn Off the Light Vol 1 EP.

Featuring catchy bangers such as “Got My Number” and the house-inspired “Sweet Spot,” Clarity is glossy pop perfection that demonstrates Petras’ ability to consistently deliver. “I could take you to the beach / I could fly you out to Paris / I could take you to New York / But you’ll never meet the parents,” she cheekily sings over a trap-inspired beat on “Meet the Parents.”

With one EP and numerous singles under her belt, Petras is no stranger to the contemporary pop scene. Her collaborations with the likes of Charli XCX, Sophie and Cheat Codes have also further boosted her career. Yet, Clarity is only the beginning for Petras. “This is still my building phase,” she explained in a Billboard interview. “I’m still not close to where I want to be.”


Stream her new album here:

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