Kim Jae-joong makes his solo return with new EP, ‘Love Song’

Watch the heartbreaking video for “Tender Love” here.

JYJ member Kim Jae-joong has returned with Love Song, his first Korean-language release in four years.

The five-track project dropped alongside a video for lead single, “Tender Love.” The clip follows a heartbroken man, played by German-born South Korean actor Yoo Teo, who revisits old haunts he used to frequent with his lover. The scenes are intercut with memories of happier times when they were still together.

“Among the memories of us looking together, laughing together / I can still remember so clearly / How you used to get nervous and not know what to do / And our tender love,” Kim sings on the chorus. He does not appear in the visual.

Love Song is Kim’s first Korean-language release since 2016’s No.X. In the years between, the singer dropped two Japanese-language albums and starred in the South Korean television drama Manhole.


Watch the video for “Tender Love” here:

And stream Love Song below:


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