Kero Kero Bonito release dystopian “When the Fires Come” video

A dark world ravaged by climate change.

The British pop band Kero Kero Bonito may have gone on a noise-pop detour with their 2018 releases TOTEP and Time ‘n’ Place, but they’re back on more familiar ground with new song “When the Fires Come.”

A James Hawkins-directed video accompanied the song’s release. In the visual, the band become hunter-gatherers in a post-apocalyptic world, wandering barren deserts in search of supplies. They operate out of a derelict steel encampment, resorting to bows and arrows to hunt for their next meal.

Vocalist Sarah Bonito sings of global catastrophe over a bouncy electro-pop beat and tropical synths: “All around the world they weep now they know it’s true / The sun’s returned to send us home to earth / Everybody takes their time making work to do / But no one will be left here to remember us / When the fires come.”


Watch the video for “When the Fires Come” below:

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