Katy Perry can’t get over an ex on “Never Really Over”

Witness the start of her new era.

Katy Perry marks the beginning of a new era with her latest single, “Never Really Over.”

On the Zedd-produced song, the singer eschews the experimental sound of her previous album, Witness, for catchy pure pop that recalls her earlier work. The track, which samples Norwegian singer Dagny’s song “Love You Like That,” features Perry singing over a soundscape of ticking clocks, finger snaps and staccato synths.

The single dropped alongside a ’70s-inspired music video. In the clip, Perry joins a holistic healing retreat in an attempt to get over a bad break-up. She waltzes in nature, attends acupuncture sessions and gets high by a bonfire in order to move on. In the end, however, she relapses and falls back in love.


“Never Really Over” is the first release from Perry’s forthcoming sixth studio album. She previously with Zedd on the hypnotic love song, “365.”

Watch the video for “Never Really Over” below:

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