JY Park gets scandalous with Cho Yeo-jeong in video for “Fever”

Featuring South Korean rappers SuperBee and Bibi.

JY Park—founder of K-pop company JYP Entertainment—has released a campy video for his latest single, “Fever,” featuring rappers SuperBee and Bibi.

In the clip, the singer falls madly in love with his new neighbor, played by actress Cho Yeo-jeong. Park starts to imagine various scandalous run-ins with Cho, including a sultry striptease on the balcony and a flirtatious encounter in the lift. The visual also features Park performing on theatrical, Moulin Rouge-inspired sets.

“When you look at me (Fever) / When our eyes meet (Fever) / Heat up, heat up, heat up, heat up / Even my next-door neighbor knows (Fever),” Park sings on the chorus over jaunty piano chords and jazzy horns.

“Fever” is Park’s second single of the year, following “This Small Hand,” a song dedicated to his newborn daughter. The singer’s company, JYP Entertainment, is home to popular K-pop acts such as Itzy, TWICE and Stray Kids.


Watch the video for “Fever” here:


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