Justin Bieber shares new gospel-inspired EP ‘Freedom.’

Released as a surprise on Easter.

Justin Bieber has released a brand-new EP titled Freedom., just weeks after releasing his sixth studio album Justice.

The EP features six gospel-inspired tracks which include collaborations with BEAM, Tori Kelly, Judah Smith, Pink Sweat$, Lauren Walters and more. The only solo track on the project comes in the form of the introspective “We’re in this Together.” On it, Bieber reflects on his reckless teenage years and the impact fame had on him.

“Women throwin’ themselves at me had me goin’ silly / On the surface, I felt like thе man / But deep inside I felt deprivеd just like an empty can,” he sings. “And I’m thankful God was with me when shit hit the fan / ’Cause He’s the reason that I’m still standin’.”


Bieber surprise-released Freedom. on Easter Sunday by announcing the release with a brief Instagram post, “Freedom on all platforms.” The EP comes hot on the heels of his latest album Justice which arrived on March 19. A deluxe edition of the album, featuring new collabs with Lil Uzi Vert and others, dropped a week later.

Listen to Freedom. below:

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