Jonas Brothers release director’s cut of “Sucker” MV

Nick and Joe have dropped some behind-the-scenes clips as well.

The internet has been in a frenzy ever since rumors of the Jonas Brothers’ reunion were confirmed. The trio announced their new return with the release of their single “Sucker,” accompanied by a music video. And now, a director’s cut has been released.

In the music video, the brothers—and their real-life partners—parody the Oscar-nominated film The Favourite. They enjoy tea parties, outdoor baths, indoor romps surrounded by adorable rabbits and a lavish banquet, all while decked out in extravagant outfits.


Yesterday, the JoBros released a director’s cut, which is just over five minutes long. The main changes are an extended introductory sequence and an interlude where everyone at the banquet table starts making music with their cutlery and jewelry. Watch it below:

And if you’re currently loving these new JoBros visuals, check out these behind-the-scenes snippets from Joe and Nick Jonas.


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