JoJo shares an updated version of “Leave (Get Out)”

To mark the re-release of her self-titled debut album.

As part of her 28th birthday celebrations on Thursday night, R&B/pop singer JoJo surprised fans with the reissue of her self-titled debut album.

The re-release, which also includes songs from 2006’s The High Road, features re-recordings of all her classic R&B jams, including “Not That Kinda Girl,” “Baby it’s You” and fan favorite, “Leave (Get Out).”

Each song has been given a modern makeover: The latest version of “Leave (Get Out),” emphasizes the acoustic guitar, while “Like That” features harder basslines and woozier synths. The compilation also includes reworks of 2011’s “Disaster” and 2012’s “Demonstrate.”


JoJo (2018) comes two years after the original records were taken off all streaming services by the singer’s former label Blackground Records. “To say I’m sad and frustrated that this album is no longer available on iTunes and Spotify because of my previous label is a massive freaking understatement,” JoJo wrote in a 2016 Facebook post. “That was such an important time in my life and set the foundation for the career I’m building brick my brick.”

Relive the nostalgia on Apple Music.

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