JoJo releases cathartic video for “Small Things”

The singer also shows her support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

JoJo has released an emotional video for “Small Things,” a cut from her latest album, Good to Know.

The artsy clip, directed by Santiago Salviche, features the singer belting the song as a troupe of dancers perform around her. In another scene, JoJo slowly opens mystical bottles, which seems to symbolize her letting go of old memories and heartbreaks. “But the more that I fight them / The bigger they seem / What really kills me / Is all the small things,” she sings.

JoJo also noted that she had been holding back the video’s release out of respect for the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests around the country. “With everything going on in the world and in our own backyard, I didn’t want anyone to misconstrue its release as some kind of indication that I’ve moved on from the revolution at hand, here in America,” she wrote in the video’s YouTube description.


“I want to say it clear as day: Black people made me who I am. Not only my longest standing friendships, but also the record executives, mentors, teachers, romantic partners and loyal fans who believed in me and took a chance on me—they have all shaped me. Without their support in every way, and without the artists who inspire me to make music, I would not exist. My support for Black lives/art/love/safety/freedom is not a phase nor does it have an expiration date. I’m honored to be a part of R&B culture and I never take my warm reception for granted.”

“Here’s a piece of art that we made to express how painful it can be to hold in your feelings,” she added. “To act like you’re okay, when—in all honesty—you’re not. I wanted this video to feel like catharsis.”

“Small Things” is a cut from JoJo’s fourth studio album, Good to Know. The record, which arrived last month, also features the song “Man,” as well as contributions from rapper Tory Lanez and producer 30 Roc.


Watch the video for “Small Things” here:

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