Jesse McCartney turns into a soap opera star for “Wasted” MV

The former teen heartthrob plays four characters in the video.

Jesse McCartney has dropped a hilarious video for “Wasted.”

The amusing clip, which parodies ’80s soap operas, finds the “Beautiful Soul” singer playing the roles of four characters—a rich playboy, a biker with a mohawk, a British butler and an alcoholic aunt. Like the daytime soaps it satirizes, the video offers up melodramatic plot twists, secret murders and incurable diseases.

“I knew I wanted to do something unexpected and off-topic from the lyrics,” McCartney said in a statement. “This video seemed like a good opportunity to stretch my comedy legs and show some personality.”


The tropical-tinged “Wasted” follows 2018’s “Better with You,” which was McCartney’s first single in over four years. Watch the video below:

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