IZ*ONE drop fantastical video for “Secret Story of the Swan”

The lead single from their new EP, ‘Oneiric Diary.’

IZ*ONE have returned with a whimsical video for their new single, “Secret Story of the Swan.”

In the fantastical clip, the group explore a fairytale world in the clouds, filled with mysterious vaults and giant pocket watches. Like other standard K-pop visuals, IZ*ONE’s latest video also features glamorous scenes of the girl group performing sleek choreography.

“Secret Story of the Swan” is a cut from IZ*ONE’s brand-new EP, Oneiric Diary, which also features a Japanese version of the song. The project is the follow-up to their debut album, Bloom*Iz, which arrived in February.


Watch the video for “Secret Story of the Swan” here:

And stream Oneiric Diary below:


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