IU, Sung Si-kyung reunite for cozy new song, “First Winter”

It’s been nine years since their last collaboration.

K-pop idol IU has reunited with balladeer Sung Si-kyung on “First Winter,” their first collaboration in nearly a decade.

The pair had previously teamed up in 2010 on “It’s You,” a cut from Sung’s seventh studio album, The First Time. Now, they’ve returned with yet another sparkling romantic ballad. Written and composed by Lee Gyu Ho, “First Winter” evokes the magic of the holiday season with its twinkly synths and chime bells. “Christmas, the world feels so cozy / Christmas, but the warmest place of all is in your arms (in my arms),” they duet on the chorus.

“First Winter” arrived alongside an equally festive music video that follows a couple on a Christmas date. Check it out below:


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