IU enlists BTS’ Suga for new song, “Eight”

The BTS member also co-wrote and -produced the track.

South Korean singer-songwriter IU has returned with a brand-new song, “Eight” featuring Suga of BTS.

In a press statement, IU described the song—which she co-wrote and -produced alongside Suga—as a “short novel of confession of my 28-year-old self to the fictional character ‘you’ using various metaphors.”

“I’m not sure whether it comes from my personal feelings or from the general atmosphere of a society that is enduring tough times together due to disasters,” she explained, “but my 28-year-old life is likely to be remembered as a recurring helplessness and fatigue.”

On his online radio show, Suga said that the “production process was very smooth so there wasn’t a lot of back-and-forths. I wrote the beat and the melody came quickly after that. After I finished working on [the song], I listened to it a lot.”


“Eight” dropped alongside a futuristic visual starring IU. In it, the singer transports herself from a gloomy reality to an alternate universe where the sun shines brighter and the grass is greener. Suga, however, does not appear in the clip.

Their collaboration marks IU’s first offering since 2019’s Love Poem. BTS, on the other hand, released their highly anticipated album, Map of the Soul: 7, in February.

Watch the video for “Eight” below:


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