Itzy re-record all their singles for first English EP

Listen to ‘Not Shy (English Ver)’ here.

Itzy have released their first-ever English-language EP, Not Shy (English Ver).

For the project, the K-pop girl group re-recorded the four singles they’ve released since their 2019 debut: “Dalla Dalla,” “Icy,” “Wannabe” and “Not Shy.” The EP dropped alongside an animated video for “Not Shy.”

The adorable clip was made in collaboration with avatar creation app Zepeto, and is a faithful recreation of the live-action version of the video. “Yeah yeah, why don’t you wake up? Follow the signs / You’re a free agent, do what you like / But I’m impatient, swallow your pride / And let me know, let me know, ’cause I’m not shy,” Ryujin sings on the song.


Watch the video for “Not Shy” here:

And stream Not Shy (English Ver) below:


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