Itzy make colorful debut with “Dalla Dalla”

The five-piece girl group are labelmates with TWICE.

K-pop girl group Itzy are making a splash with their debut song, “Dalla Dalla.”

The bold electropop tune features bouncy synths, strong bass and a catchy bridge breakdown. “Just pretty but not attractive at all / I’m different from the kids / Don’t measure me by your standards alone / I love being myself, I’m nobody else,” the group sing on the chorus. In the accompanying video, the rookie group pull off sleek choreography on a multi-colored rooftop and go through a slew of outfit changes.

Itzy are the latest girl group to hail from JYP Entertainment, the same label responsible for K-pop icons like TWICE, Miss A and the Wonder Girls. The five-member group includes top-ranking Mix Nine participant, Ryujin, and former Sixteen contestant, Chaeryeong.


Watch the video for “Dalla Dalla” below:

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