HyunA dropz zany video for new single, “I’m Not Cool”

The accompanying EP features a collaboration with her boyfriend, Dawn.

HyunA has made her long-awaited return with the song “I’m Not Cool.”

The off-kilter EDM-inspired tune dropped alongside a zany video that features a ton of dizzying special effects, creative edits and more. The K-pop veteran also shows how it’s done in the clip, with a high-energy dance sequence that emphasizes waacking moves.

In the song, the singer also makes a loved-up reference to her relationship with former Pentagon member, Dawn. “I love early mornings / Dawn, dawn, dawn / I’m not solo / That’s the way I like it, that’s the way I like it,” she sings.


HyunA’s new five-track EP, I’m Not Cool, also features the song “Party, Feel, Love,” a collaboration with Dawn. The project also includes the previously released single, “Flower Shower.”

Watch the video for “I’m Not Cool” here:


And stream the EP below:

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