Hotshot’s Roh Taehyun makes solo debut with “I Wanna Know”

The former JBJ member just wants to “party all day.”

Hotshot’s Roh Taehyun has dropped his debut EP, Birthday, and a video for the lead single “I Wanna Know.”

The choreo-heavy clip’s vibrant visuals complement the track’s funky sound. Featuring three set changes, a bevy of backup dancers and a cool 3D illusion effect, the video is sure to put you in the partying mood.

Roh first rose to prominence in South Korea as a contestant on the second season of Produce 101, alongside fellow Hotshot member Ha Sungwoon. He then went on to join JBJ, a temporary group made up of former contestants from that season.


“Hotshot wasn’t extremely popular in the beginning, but we’ve all grown through each of our experiences,” Roh said at a recent showcase for his debut. “I feel like I’ve also grown while watching the other trainees and JBJ members work hard and do well. I think it’s important to make myself known using what I learned from those experiences.”

Watch the video for “I Wanna Know” here:

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