Hong Jin Young has ‘Lots of Love’ to give

It’s the veteran trot singer’s debut album.

After a decade of one-off singles and EPs, veteran trot singer Hong Jin Young has finally released her debut album, Lots of Love.

The singer draws from a variety of genres for the 11-track record, from synth pop to Korean folk music, while still staying true to her trot roots. The LP also includes the previously released singles “Love is…” and “Good Bye,” as well as tracks from her Life Note and The Most Beautiful Moment in Life EPs.

A video for the disco-influenced “Love Tonight” dropped alongside the album’s release. In the fantastical clip, Hong plays the cat of a pianist with writer’s block. At night, she transforms into a human with extraordinary musical abilities and helps her owner compose new songs. By the end of the video, the pianist discovers Hong’s abilities and falls madly in love with her, as they waltz into the night.


Watch the video for “Love Tonight” below:

And stream Lots of Love here:


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