Hear three songs from Lana Del Rey’s upcoming album, ‘Blue Banisters’

Its title track, “Wildflower Wildfire,” and “Text Book” are all out now.

Lana Del Rey has surprise-dropped three new songs from her upcoming album: “Blue Banisters,” “Wildflower Wildfire,” and “Text Book.”

From the sound of the three tracks, Del Rey’s next album, Blue Banisters, will be a dreamy, atmospheric affair. The title track and “Wildflower Wildfire” are both minimal, piano-led ballads, while “Text Book” is a track colored by reverb-heavy beats and dark pad synths.

“Said he’d come back every May / Just to help me if I’d paint my banisters blue / Said he’d fix my weathervane / Give me children, take away my pain,” she sings on “Blue Banisters.”


The lyrics of “Text Book” have already drawn criticism on social media for a reference of Black Lives Matter, which some have deemed inappropriate. On the track, Lana sings: “You know I’m not that girl, you know I’ll never be / Maybe just the way we’re different could set me free / And there we were, screamin’ ‘Black Lives Matter’ in the crowd.”


Blue Banisters is due for release on July 4, as the singer announced in April with an Instagram post. Del Rey also just recently released her seventh album, Chemtrails over the Country Club, in March.

Listen to the latest from Lana Del Rey below.

“Blue Banisters”:

“Text Book”:

“Wildflower Wildfire”:

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