Hear Kim Sejeong’s sophomore EP, ‘I’m’

She lives in a dollhouse in the video for “Warning.”

Former Gugudan member Kim Sejeong has released her sophomore EP, I’m.

The five-track project comes a year after her debut EP, Plant, and just three months since the disbandment of her girl group Gugudan in December 2020. For I’m, Sejeong worked with new producers such as Coke Paris and Lee Woo-min for the music and arrangements, but wrote all the lyrics herself.

In the video for lead single “Warning,” the singer lives out a fairytale life in a dreamy dollhouse with clones of herself. She later gets a visit from the song’s featured artist lIlBOI, who delivers Sejeong a surprise gift.


Watch the video for “Warning” here:

And stream I’m below:


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