Hear Jessi’s live cover of “Digital Lover” by Crush

The rapper showcases her vocal chops.

South Korean rapper Jessi has unveiled a live cover of Crush’s “Digital Lover.”

Jessi puts her own spin on the laid-back R&B track, transforming it into a groovy hip hop tune. She swaps Crush’s original verses with rapid-fire bars, and showcases her impressive vocal chops on the chorus. “Feeling like an empty shell / I like to be alone, oh, be alone / ’Cause I’m a digital lover / Digital lover,” she belts.

Crush dropped “Digital Lover” last month. It was his first release since 2019’s From Midnight to Sunrise. On the other hand, Jessi released “Who Dat B” last year.


Listen to Jessi’s cover of “Digital Lover” here:

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