Hear Coldplay’s new songs, “Daddy” and “Champion of the World”

Their new album, ‘Everyday Life,’ is out tomorrow.

Coldplay’s new album Everyday Life is out tomorrow, and they’re determined to tease their fans right up ’til its release. Yesterday, the band released two new songs: “Daddy” and “Champion of the World.”

“Daddy,” a tender piano ballad sung from the point of view of a neglected child, arrived with a gorgeous video produced by Aardman Animations, the same company behind the stop-motion claymation classics Wallace and Gromit and Chicken Run.

On the other hand, “Champion of the World” notably credits the late frontman of Frightened Rabbit, Scott Hutchison, as a co-writer. That’s because the track was inspired by “Los Angeles Be Kind,” a song by Owl John, Hutchison’s solo project. The Scottish musician took his own life on May 10, 2018, and would have turned 38 yesterday.

“Scott had a song called ‘Los Angeles Be Kind,’ which I love,” Coldplay singer Chris Martin explained in a statement. “When I first heard it, I thought it was going to go one way; but it went another. Anyway ‘Champion of the World’ is the song that came from following the other path, and that’s why Scott is a co-writer on this song.”


Everyday Life, which is a double album, will also feature the tracks “Orphans,” “Arabesque,” and “Everyday Life.” It comes four years after Coldplay’s last record, A Head Full of Dreams.

Check out Coldplay’s two new songs below.


“Champion of the World”:


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