Hear Cherry Bullet’s infectious new single, “Love So Sweet”

From their latest EP, ‘Cherry Rush.’

Cherry Bullet have returned with a brand-new single, “Love So Sweet.”

The girl group sing about a secret romance on the retro synthpop song, which is built around an infectious whistle melody. “Sweeter than candy / Sweeter than chocolate / Come closer, let’s make tonight special / Love, love, love, love so sweet,” they croon on the chorus.

The accompanying video features the K-pop idols on various brightly colored sets, transitioning between the various locations using green-screened doorways and clever edits. Cherry Bullet also show off their synchronized choreography at the end of the clip with rapid cuts between the different sets.


“Love So Sweet” appears on the group’s brand-new EP, Cherry Rush. Last year, they dropped two digital singles, “Hands Up” and “Aloha Oe.” They made their debut in 2019 with “Q&A.”

Watch the video for “Love So Sweet” here:


And stream Cherry Rush below:

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