Head into the future with ONF in the “Beautiful Beautiful” video

From the boyband’s debut studio album, ‘ONF: My Name.’

ONF have dropped a futuristic video for their new single, “Beautiful Beautiful.”

The clip draws inspiration from video games such as Cyberpunk 2077 and Final Fantasy VII. In it, the six-member boyband play a group of vigilantes who fight against a dystopian police state. The K-pop idols hack into a top secret system in order to steal a high-tech flying ship, which they use to break a fellow vigilante out of jail.

“Set me free, throw it all away / Let me be, just as I am / I awake, no one can control me / I’m my own master, my own master,” they sing on the upbeat dance pop song.


“Beautiful Beautiful” appears on the boyband’s debut studio album, ONF: My Name. It follows their 2020 EP Spin Off, which featured the single “Sukhumvit Swimming.”

Watch the video for “Beautiful Beautiful” here:


And stream ONF: My Name below:

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