Hayley Williams drops part one of ‘Petals for Armor’

Featuring the songs “Simmer” and “Leave it Alone.”

Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams has released her debut EP, Petals for Armor I, the prequel to her forthcoming first solo album Petals for Armor.

The five-track project was produced by fellow Paramore member and guitarist Taylor York. It also features the previously released songs “Simmer” and “Leave it Alone.”

“There are a lot of themes covered on the album as a whole and I thought it best to separate some of these themes so that there can be time for everyone to digest some of the songs before we move along to others,” Williams said in a press statement. “It’s a way to include people on the journey in the same way that I experienced it.”

A video for a new song “Cinnamon” accompanied the EP’s release. In the clip, which is a continuation of visuals for “Simmer” and “Leave it Alone,” Williams explores an eerie house before coming face-to-face with odd-looking intruders.


William’s full Petals for Armor album is due out May 8. While you wait for the record to arrive, stream Petal for Armor I here:

And watch the video for “Cinnamon” below:


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