Halsey turns into a country star in “Finally // Beautiful Stranger” MV

Released alongside “Suga’s Interlude,” featuring BTS member Suga.

Halsey has previewed her forthcoming album, Manic, with two new songs: “Finally // Beautiful Stranger” and “Suga’s Interlude,” featuring BTS member Suga.

The accompanying video for “Finally // Beautiful Stranger” cuts between two versions of the pop star’s performance: in one she’s all dolled-up and singing in front of a large audience, and in the other she’s alone after closing time at a run-down bar.

On “Suga’s Interlude,” Suga delivers vulnerable bars about battling self-doubt while Halsey handles the touching chorus. “Your convictions, efforts, faith and greeds / It is not of ugliness, I believe it / The dawn before sunrise is darker than anything / But never forget, the stars you hope for only appear in the dark,” he spits.

Besides “Suga’s Interlude” and “Finally // Beautiful Stranger,” Maniac will also feature the previously released tracks “Graveyard,” “Clementine” and “Without Me.” The full-length arrives January 17, 2020 via Capitol Records.


Watch the video for “Finally // Beautiful Stranger” here:

And listen to “Suga’s Interlude” below:


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