Hailee Steinfeld joins MNEK for new single, “Colour”

What’s red, yellow, pink and seriously catchy?

British singer-songwriter MNEK has released a new single, “Colour.” And this time he’s tapped the vocal talents of pop starlet Hailee Steinfeld.

The track kicks off with a slinky, electro-infused beat and it doesn’t take long before MNEK’s soulful vocals to get the hook stuck in your head. “Before you came into my life / Everything was black and white / Now all I see is color / Like a rainbow in the sky.”

Steinfeld joins in from the second verse onwards, and both voices blend perfectly together (like red and blue making purple, perhaps?). “Like red and yellow and pink and green / That’s what I see when you’re here with me,” she croons on the catchiest part of a tune.


Like MNEK’s previous single “Tongue,” this is classy, up-tempo pop that’ll have you singing along from the first listen. Also, it doesn’t matter what your favorite color is because the song’s a bop. Check it out here:

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