GWSN transport you to dreamland in “Red-Sun (021)” video

The lead single from their newest EP, ‘The Park in the Night Part Three.’

K-pop girl group GWSN (also known as Girls in the Park) have returned with a video for their new single, “Red-Sun (021).”

The track retains the group’s signature bubblegum-infused deep house sound, but takes it up a notch by incorporating heavy EDM drops in the chorus. The accompanying visual features all seven members dancing on fantastical sets that mirror the song’s themes of hypnosis and dreams.

“Red-Sun (021)” is a cut from GWSN’s latest EP, The Park in the Night Part Three. The eight-track project is the final installment of the group’s The Park in the Night trilogy, and arrived yesterday via Kiwi Pop.


Watch their new video below:

And listen to The Park in the Night Part Three here:


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