Gugudan’s Sejeong makes her solo debut with ‘Plant’ EP

The former IOI member strikes out on her own.

Sejeong of K-pop girl group Gugudan has unveiled her debut solo EP, Plant.

For the five-track project, the former IOI member enlisted hitmakers such as Flow Blow and Sunwoo Jung A. The singer also co-produced and -wrote a handful of the tracks, she told Korea Economic Daily, as translated by Soompi.

“I recently saw a program which said that [VIXX member] Ravi is the number two self-produced songwriter amongst idols. I, too, hope that I’ll be able to make it up to that level. I want to work hard to make that happen,” Sejeong added.


The EP dropped alongside a video for title track “Plant,” which follows Sejeong living in a mobile home. She’s later transported to a fantastical warehouse filled with plastic bags and dried flowers, where she performs a gorgeous contemporary dance routine.

Watch the video for “Plant” here:


And stream her new EP below:

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