Grimes drops ‘Miss Anthropocene’ remix album

Hear the ‘rave edition’ of her 2020 LP.

Grimes has dropped a rave remix edition of her latest album, Miss Anthropocene.

The singer-producer recruited heavyweights such as BloodPop, Richie Hawtin, REZZ and Channel Tres to help rework her 2020 industrial electro pop record into a readymade rave soundtrack.

“Children need to get into raving,” Grimes told The Face last year. “I don’t think I’ll rave with my kid… I don’t think kids and adults need to rave together. But I wish I had discovered dance music at an earlier age. I don’t have a problem with late bedtimes/nocturnalism. Unless there’s some health risk I should know about.”


Grimes wrapped up 2020 with “Delicate Weapon,” which was released as a part of the video game Cyberpunk 2077’s soundtrack. The ethereal track pits Grimes’ dreamy falsetto against a percussive soundscape loaded with sporadic snare bursts and washes of reverb.

Miss Anthropocene was released in February last year, and included tracks like “Violence,” “IDORU” and “My Name is Dark.” In December, the singer swapped the album art to the original cover on streaming services.

Listen to Miss Anthropocene: Rave Edition here:


And check out the original album art below:

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