Girl group Gavy NJ release touching video for “I’m in Sinchon”

The song is a response to Postmen’s “I Can’t Go to Sinchon.”

K-pop trio Gavy NJ have released a heartwarming video for their new single, “I’m in Sinchon.”

The clip follows a woman who returns to the titular South Korean neighborhood after a long absence. As she wanders around the streets, she passes familiar places and starts to recall life with an old flame. But as luck would have it, the woman bumps into her ex while revisiting an old haunt, and the two rekindle their relationship.

“I’m in Sinchon” is a reply to vocal duo Postmen’s 2013 song, “I Can’t Go to Sinchon.” Last year, Gavy NJ released the track “See You Again.”

Watch the video for “I’m in Sinchon” below:



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