(G)I-DLE go old-school on their sassy new single, “Uh-Oh”

Watch their ’90s-inspired video here.

K-pop girl group (G)I-DLE have transformed into bad girls for their latest single, “Uh-Oh.”

The six-member group draw on ’90s fashion in the accompanying video. Sporting crops tops, baggy pants and lots of denim, the ladies exude confidence on elaborate sets while performing the kiss-off to fake friends. “What do you want from me? Just like you / I don’t know anything about you anymore / Uh-oh-oh Have I changed? It’s all the same, just like you,” they sing over retro hip hop-inspired beats.

Earlier in the year, the ladies dropped their sophomore EP, I Made, which features the Latin-inspired single, “Señorita.”


Watch the video for “Uh-Oh” here:

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