GFriend are at a “Crossroads” in their new video

The lead single from their new EP, ‘Labyrinth.’

K-pop girl group GFriend are back with an emotional video for their new single, “Crossroads.”

The plot-driven clip follows the trials and tribulations of the group’s friendship as they enter adulthood. “No, everything is still filled with you / I still can’t go anywhere / Even if you pass me by / I will find you / Then I’ll reach out again to you,” they sing on the chorus.

The song is about “the moment of choice a girl comes to face as she grows up,” the band said in a press release. “[It captures] the mixed emotions of looking back on her innocent past and contemplating over the choices she must make as she embraces the future.”

“Crossroads” is the lead single from GFriend’s new EP, Labyrinth. Last year, the group released the songs “Fever” and “Sunrise.”


Watch the video for “Crossroads” here:

And stream Labyrinth below:


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