Get into the festive mood with The Boyz’s “Christmassy!”

Just in time for the holiday season.

K-pop rookies The Boyz are gearing up for the holiday season with a festive new track, “Christmassy!”

Released as a special single dedicated to their fans, “Christmassy!” is a joyful pop number inspired by traditional holiday tunes and Christmas carols. “When you look at me / It’s so Christmassy! / It’s all because of you / Oh, just by being together / It feels like Christmas on and on,” they cheer on the delightful chorus, accompanied by sleigh bells and chimes.

The song dropped alongside a meme-inspired music video filmed in an empty school. The Boyz, decked out in matching uniforms, enact outrageous prom-like proposals inviting their fans to a Christmas party.


“Christmassy!” is the group’s first release since their February debut album Reveal. Check out The Boyz’s new video below:

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