George Ezra’s in his own watery world in “Hold My Girl” MV

He’s just trying to keep afloat.

Singer-songwriter George Ezra has just released the official video for his track “Hold My Girl,” the newest single off his sophomore album Staying at Tamara’s, which dropped in March.

Following up his massive track “Shotgun” is definitely easier said than done, but the video for the stripped-back, emotional track should help the young Brit keep up his run at the top of the charts.

It begins with Ezra sitting on his own in a small room, surrounded by furniture, his guitar, and, worryingly, lots and lots of water. As the song progresses and becomes more heartfelt, the water rises. And though Ezra doesn’t seem too bothered at first, he eventually becomes more desperate for a way out.


Does he make it? What does the water represent? Why can’t he open the door? You’ll have plenty of questions while watching the striking visual—which is always a sign that a video is doing its job.

Check it out below:

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