G Flip, mxmtoon drop video for empowering single “Queen”

The pair celebrate all the different forms queens can take.

Australian musician G Flip and Brooklyn-based artist mxmtoon have shared a celebratory music video for their new collaboration “Queen.”

The empowering clip, much like the anthemic single, salutes the many forms ‘queens’ can take. G Flip and mxmtoon appear in the video, as do ‘queens’ in the shape of nurses, innocent kids and dancers—who all fill out a suburban apartment block. G Flip and mxmtoon’s cheery single was penned in Los Angeles and produced by former Vampire Weekend member-turned-pop producer and solo artist Rostam Batmanglij.

“‘Queen’ was written about the strong women around me, the queens that raised me and the queens I’ve met through my years,” G Flip shared in a statement. “My idea of a queen is not necessarily linked to gender; queens come in all forms and walks of life. To me a queen embodies power and strength; they embrace all they are fiercely yet gracefully.”


Last year, G Flip released the album About Us and a handful of singles: “Hyperfine,” “You & I” and “I’d Rather Go to Bed.” On the other side of the world, mxmtoon kept busy with the release of her Dawn and Dusk EPs. The latter featured “ok on your own,” with guest artist Carly Rae Jepsen.

Watch the video for “Queen” here:

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