Florence and the Machine just can’t love in “Moderation”

The song was released along with the atmospheric B-side, “Haunted House.”

It’s only been a couple of months since Florence and the Machine dropped High as Hope last June, but the band are already back with fresh material, premiering “Moderation” and “Haunted House” on Thursday night.

The James Ford-produced “Moderation” is an epic piano-led anthem that is quintessential Florence and the Machine. Featuring handclaps, tambourine and Florence Welch’s powerhouse vocals, the grand stomper recalls the band’s debut album, Lungs, which Ford also contributed to.

B-side “Haunted House,” meanwhile, is an atmospheric number that clocks in at just under two minutes. Welch shows vocal restraint, letting the tender piano arrangement breathe. It’s as haunting and somber as the title suggests.


Stream “Moderation” and “Haunted House” below:

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