Finneas delights fans with new song “American Cliché”

A live favorite that he recorded and released at the urging of his fans.

Finneas has started the new year with a romping new single, “American Cliché.”

The new single from Billie Eilish’s co-writer and brother offers a more lighthearted sound than his previous politically minded single “Where the Poison is.” On the new track, Finneas admits to being “an American cliché, missing a girl in a French cafe” over big band production, prancing keys and a finger-snapping beat.

Finneas has been performing “American Cliché” live for a while, marking one of the key upbeat moments of the set. Fans quickly fell in love with the song, and according to Finneas, the only reason a studio version has seen the light of day was because his diehard followers begged him to record and release it.


“I just wanted you to know, your cyber bullying absolutely worked and is absolutely the only reason I went back to it and produced it,” Finneas tweeted to his fans. “I now love the song and am wildly proud of it, but the only reason I worked on it was you.”

Finneas closed 2020 with “Another Year,” a Christmas ballad he wrote one year prior. The producer recently released the deluxe edition of his 2019 EP Blood Harmony, with the new additions of “Break My Heart Again” and the “1964” version of his song “Let’s Fall in Love for the Night.”

Listen to “American Cliché” below:


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