EXO-SC make their debut with ‘What a Life’

Watch the lavish video for the title track here.

Chanyeol and Sehun, members of the popular K-pop band EXO, have made their debut as EXO-SC with What a Life.

The hip hop-influenced EP comprises six tracks, including the Gaeko-assisted “Just Us 2” and “Borderline,” which was composed by American producer Mike Dupree. The project also features lyrics written by the two EXO members.

The EP arrived alongside a vibrant video for the trap-tinged title track, “What a Life.” The duo live large in the clip, enjoying the best money can buy. They take a joyride in convertibles, head out to sea on a private yacht and throw a wild party in a luxurious Beverly Hills mansion.


Chanyeol and Sehun’s EP comes on the heels of several individual projects by their fellow EXO members. Earlier in the month, Baekhyun made his solo debut with City Lights, while DO previously released the single “That’s Okay” prior to his enlistment into the South Korean military. Chen also dropped his April, and a Flower project in April.

Watch the video for “What a Life” here:


And stream EXO-SC’s debut EP below:

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