Ex-iKON member BI releases video for “Midnight Blue”

All proceeds will be donated to nonprofit World Vision.

South Korean musician BI—aka former iKON member Kim Han-bin—released a video for his new song, “Midnight Blue.”

The animated visual follows a young man who goes on a journey to a mystical world, where he learns to find happiness after a tragic loss. “Everyone seems to live like that, with a bruised heart / Making a face that is fine / When do you become grown-up, and what’s next?” he sings on the ballad.

“Midnight Blue” appears on BI’s debut solo project Midnight Blue (Love Streaming). All proceeds from the EP will be donated to nonprofit World Vision to “support children in crisis across the globe”.


Watch the video for “Midnight Blue” here:

And listen to Midnight Blue (Love Streaming) below:


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