Everglow return with powerful video for “Dun Dun”

Their debut EP, ‘Reminiscence,’ has finally arrived.

Everglow Dun Dun MV
Image: Stone Music Entertainment

Up-and-coming K-pop girl group Everflow has released an energetic video for this new song, “Dun Dun.”

In the clip, the group perform the bombastic dance pop song on cosmic sets as meteors rain down around them. “Now you’re done / Trapped in my gaze / Like a young lamb / Baby you’ll be frozen,” they sing on the chorus. The visual also features futuristic scenes of the group surrounded by massive iceberg structures and menacing flag bearers

“When we first heard the song, I could see the performance taking shape on stage,” member Mia said during a press showcase, according to Soompi. “I thought that it fit Everglow’s concept and color very well. I fell in love with it at first sight. At the time, I wanted to start preparing for the comeback straight away so that fans could see the performance.”

“Dun Dun” is a cut from Everglow’s debut EP, Reminiscence. Last year, the group released the singles “Adios” and “Bon Bon Chocolat.”

Watch the video for “Dun Dun” below: