Evangelize yourself with Labrinth, Zendaya’s “All for Us”

The song was featured in the season finale of HBO’s 'Euphoria.'

Critically acclaimed HBO teen drama Euphoria wrapped up its first season on Sunday and featured a new song “All for Us,” performed by Zendaya and Labrinth.

The duet was played during a choreographed sequence that closed off the final episode. It begins with Zendaya’s character Rue laying on her bed as gospel vocals grow stronger in the distance. She stumbles through her doorway and hugs her mother and begins to croon. “Taking it all for us, doing it all for love,” she sings over ominous synths and a pounding bassline.

The clip then cuts to outside where she’s lifted like royalty by a sea of gospel choir members. Looking like a scene straight out of Suspiria, the crowd dance around Rue while a marching band parade their horns in the moonlight.


Euphoria has been praised by viewers for its eclectic music selection, featuring songs from Lizzo to BTS to Fiona Apple. The series was renewed by HBO for a second season last month.

Watch the video for “All for Us” below:

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