E^ST shares vibrant animated video for “Maybe it’s Me”

The Aussie singer’s debut album is on the way.

Up-and-coming Australian pop star E^ST has shared a colorful video for her latest single, “Maybe it’s Me.”

The animated karaoke-style video, illustrated and created by Helena Papageorgiou, features the singer born Mel Bester on a stroll through a park. But it’s not just any ordinary park: here, the clouds bear grumpy faces, the sky is a psychedelic swirl of colors, and black panthers roam free. “I left the party, nobody saw me go / Run for the midnight bus to go home alone,” she sings on the opening.

In a press statement, Bester said “Maybe it’s Me” is about “being a hot mess in life, and starting to wonder if maybe life has nothing to do with it and you just kinda suck.” She added, “Since we couldn’t make an IRL video, here’s a little animated me going on a journey.”


“Maybe it’s Me” is set to appear on Bester’s debut album, I’m Doing it. Arriving on July 17, the record was written and produced in collaboration with Halsey collaborator, Jim Eliot.

Watch the video for “Maybe it’s Me” here:

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