Epik High are “Love Drunk” on new single

Off their latest EP, ‘Sleepless in __________,’ out now.

South Korean hip hop group Epik High, which comprises Tablo, Mithra Jin and DJ Tukutz, have released a cinematic video for “Love Drunk,” the lead single from Sleepless in.

The clip stars actress Jin Seo Yeon and K-singer IU as a teacher and pupil duo from a martial arts school. Directed by Park Bae Jong, the video explores the complex relationship between the women, intercut by scenes of them dueling.

The seven-track EP features appearances from Sunwoo Jung-A, Crush and Yuna, as well as production credit for BTS’ Suga, who worked on the track “Eternal Sunshine.” The project is the group’s first since leaving major South Korean label, YG Entertainment, last year.


“There are two states that show the very nature of humans really well. One of them is love… [and the] other is sleeplessness,” Tablo told MTV News about the album’s concept. “I thought that as love has so many songs written about it, sleeplessness deserves to be a muse as well,” he added.

Sleepless in is also the group’s first self-produced record in a decade. Stream it below:


And watch the captivating video for “Love Drunk” here:

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