Empress Of releases new song, “Love is a Drug”

Her new album, ‘I’m Your Empress Of,’ is imminent.

Synth pop singer Empress Of has dropped “Love is a Drug,” a new track off her upcoming full-length record, I’m Your Empress Of.

“I know love is a drug, I know money is a drug / I know sex can be a drug, but I just wanna be touched / I know love is a drug, I know money is a drug / I know sex can be a drug, but I just wanna be touched,” the singer chants on this club anthem.

“Love is a Drug” follows the project’s first single, “Give Me Another Chance,” which also received a visual treatment by director Alexis Gómez.

Empress Of’s third album, I’m Your Empress Of, drops this Friday (April 3) via Terrible Records and XL Recordings.


Listen to “Love is a Drug” below:

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