Emily Reo builds a stunning world in “Balloon”

A layered sonic universe in a four-minute pop gem.

Brooklyn native Emily Reo has unveiled a new entry into her sonic universe in the form of the upbeat single, “Balloon.”

Labelling “Balloon” mature bubblegum pop would be massively underselling the quality of the song. Fortunately, Reo manages to avoid such categorization with her deft vocal licks, her Queen-esque melodies floating through the glimmering wash of space-age pop. Cryptic yet evocative lyrics rise through the watery vocal processing, making “Balloons” feel far more insular than “Strawberry”, Reo’s previous release.

“Balloon” is lifted from Reo’s forthcoming album, Only You Can See it, her third record that has been over six years in the making. It’s due out on April 12 via Carpark Records.


Listen to “Balloon” now:

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