Eden serves up a slice of “Heaven” in feel-good video

Featuring vocals from South Korean singer Heize.

South Korean producer and singer Eden has dropped a video for his latest single, “Heaven.”

The track is a tropical-inspired pop tune, layering smooth vocals over glossy synths and chilled-out beats. South Korean singer Heize comes in on the second verse, her light vocals amplifying the track’s summery vibe.

The video for “Heaven” features the producer exploring an island paradise in solitude. Intercut with spectacular drone shots and beautiful scenes of nature, the clip matches the song’s laid-back sound.


“Heaven” is Eden’s newest release, following a string of solo drops under his Stardust project. He’s best known for his work on numerous ATEEZ singles, including “Illusion” and “Wave.” Eden’s other production credits also include songs for popular groups like GFriend and BTOB. On the other hand, Heize previously dropped her single “We Don’t Talk Together” earlier this month.

Check out the idyllic video for “Heaven” below:

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