Dua Lipa, BLACKPINK want to “Kiss and Make Up”

The allure of K-pop is undeniable.

On Friday, Dua Lipa dropped an extended and repackaged version of her self-titled debut. The most anticipated song that’s been added to the project? Without a doubt, it’s “Kiss and Make Up,” her collaboration with K-pop group BLACKPINK.

This marks the group’s first-ever international collaboration, and also the first time all of BLACKPINK have featured on another artist’s album.

The British pop star herself stoked rumors of the collaboration in late August, when she let fly a tweet that hinted, via strategically chosen emojis, that she was working with the girl group:


Lipa continues the recent trend of Western artists working with K-pop ones: In the past few months, Nicki Minaj has rapped on BTS’ “Idol,” Steve Aoki has remixed BTS’ “Mic Drop,” and Grimes has worked with Loona. The allure of K-pop remains strong as ever.

Listen to “Kiss and Make Up” below:


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